Friday, March 24, 2017

Mixed Bag Fundraiser!

Hello Class of 2020!  On Monday the freshman class student council will be coming to your tasc with information on a new fundraiser we are doing, the mixed bag fundraiser!  You can order your items either through the catalog or online.  When ordering in the catalog, be sure to add the fundraiser ID which is:  673007 and make checks payable to KRHS Class of 2020.  If you are ordering online, you can order here.  The fundraiser starts on March 27 and and ends on April 17.

For the top seller prizes:
1.) Have your class dues waived for freshman and sophomore years!  ($40 value!)
2.) Have your freshman class dues waived ($20 value)
3.) Amazon gift card ($10 value)
4.) Anyone who sells even one item by April 17 will be entered into an Amazon gift card drawing.

We will be giving you more information on Monday, and if you have any further questions, please see Mrs. Shatzer or Mrs. Smith, our two awesome advisors!!

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